About Us

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The importance of encouraging physical activity at an early age is well documented. Young children gain greater benefit from exercise sessions that both excites and challenges them with fun, physical activities. With that in mind PLAYM8 has created a range of products filled with innovative activities sure to encourage strong exercise in pre-school and primary school children.


PLAYM8 Fitness is Fun. Happy and Healthy Individuals!

Fun drills will develop basic movement skills, co-ordination, reactions, balance, hand eye co-ordination, teamwork, confidence and fitness. Children will look forward to activity and develop a strong 'Fitness is Fun' attitude towards physical activity.


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PLAYM8 is Colourful!

Use of 6 bright colours - red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange - develops visual perception, improves decision making, enhances learning and makes for a bright, varied and challenging environment.


PLAYM8 offers quality Educational Instruction!

Instruction manuals, and Exercise Instruction Cards ensures teachers and care givers have the resources they need to easily and confidently deliver fun fitness activities without the need for a physical education background.


PLAYM8 develops Touch and Visual Senses!

PLAYM8 products incorporate a variety of tactile surfaces in order to stimulate the mind. Children with special needs in particular, will benefit from play that stimulates their sense of touch.


PLAYM8 is Safe!

Each piece of PLAYM8 equipment is tested to the highest standard as safety is paramount. Raw materials and designs are user friendly with many items being of soft construction.


We are pleased to annouce that PLAYM8 has been working in partnership with Youth Sport Direct to develop the 5-A-Day range of equipment and we are continuing to work together to offer you the very best in new innovative equipment. We hope that PLAYM8 will continue to have a positive impact on our nation's need to get children active and involved in fun fitness whilst helping them develop such skills as co-ordination, balance, visual and touch senses, confidence and teamwork.